Dr. Chengli Wei
Assistant Professor
Computer Science, Engineering and Physics Department

ENGR 1310: Introduction to Engineering
ENGR 1320: Introduction to Engineering Fundamentals
ENGR 2301: The Effects of Climate Change
ENGR 2345: Engineering Thermodynamics
ENGR 2130: Electric Circuits Laboratory
ENGR 2330: Electrical Circuit Theory
ENGR 3130: Electronics Laboratory
ENGR 3330: Electronics
ENGR 3137: Digital Logic Design Laboratory
ENGR 3337: Digital Logic Design
ENGR 3360: Signals and Systems
ENGR 3365: Introduction to Optics
ENGR 4320: System Dynamics and Control
ENGR 4330: Engineering Electromagnetics
ENGR 4380: Capstone Design I
ENGR 4381: Capstone Design II